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Forests | 28 January 2019

Ghana Law Database
Communities & forests
Forests & trade

Ghana Law Database

Ghana Law Database

This page aims to provide access to legal texts related to forest and natural resource governance in Ghana and is a resource which will be regularly updated and improved upon. You can find more information and analysis on our resources page.

Below you will find links to PDF files of the forest and wildlife related legal texts. If you are looking for laws and/or regulations relating to other natural resources don’t hesitate to contact us ( so we can check whether we have the text you are looking for in our database.

Please note that the documents listed below have been gathered from different public sources and are by no means the property of ClientEarth. Where available we have included official texts but not all are the official publications, and therefore can contain mistakes.

ClientEarth has also created a law database of the main policies, laws and regulations governing forest conversion in Ghana.

Constitutional law

Constitution of the Republic of Ghana – 1992 – Document

Constitution Review Commission Research Report – 2011 – Document

White paper on the report of the Constitution Review Commission of Inquiry – Document

Forests, Climate and wildlife policy

The new 2012 Forest and Wildlife Policy – Document

The previous 1995 Forest and Wildlife Policy – Document

1996 Forestry development master plan (based on 1995 policy) – Document

National Climate Change Policy 2013 – Document

National Environmental Policy 2012 – Document

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2016 – Document

Action Plan on National Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Security (2016-2020) – Document

Legal Framework of the Forest Sector

The Forest Act, 1927 (CAP 157) – Document

The Concessions Act, 1939 (CAP 136) – Document

The Concessions Act, 1962 (CAP 124) – Document

The Timber operations government participation Act, 1972 (N.R.C.D. 139) – Document

The Forest Protection Act, 1974 (N.R.C.D. 243) – Document

The Trees and timber Act, 1974 (N.R.C.D. 273) – Document

The Control and Prevention of Bushfires Act, 1990 (P.N.D.C.L. 229) – Document

The Timber Resources Management Act, 1998 (Act 547) – Document

The Timber Resources Management Regulation, 1998 (L.I.1649) – Document

Timber Resources Management (Amendment) Regulation, 2003 (L.I. 1721) – Document

The Timber Resources Management (Legality Licensing) Regulations, 2012 (L.I.2184) – Document

Timber Resources Management and Legality Licensing Regulation 2017 (L.I. 2254) – Document

The Forestry Commission Act, 1999 (Act 571) – Document

The Forest Plantation Development Fund Act 2000 (Act 583) – Document

Economic Plant Protection Act, 1979 – Document

Tree Crops Policy – Document

Cocoa Industry (Regulation) Act, 1968 – Document

Ghana Cocoa Board Act, 1984 – Document

Legal Framework of the Wildlife Sector

Wild Animals Preservation Act, 1961 (Act 43) – Document

Wildlife Conservation Regulation, 1971 (L.I. 685) – Document

Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Regulation, 1983 (L.I. 1284) – Document

Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Regulation, 1988 (L.I. 1357) – Document

Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Regulation, 1989 (L.I. 1452) – Document

Wildlife Reserves Regulations, 1971 (L.I. 710) – Document

Wildlife Reserve (Amendment) Regulation, 1974 (L.I. 881) – Document

Wildlife Reserve (Amendment) Regulation, 1975 (L.I. 1022) – Document

Wildlife Reserve (Amendment) Regulation, 1976 (L.I. 1085) – Document

Wildlife Reserve (Amendment) Regulation, 1977 (L.I. 1105) – Document

Wildlife Reserve (Amendment) Regulation, 1983 (L.I. 1283) – Document

Wildlife Reserve (Amendment) Regulation, 1991 (L.I. 1525) – Document

Wetland management (Ramsar Sites) Regulations, 1999 (L.I. 1659) – Document

Legal Framework of the Land Sector

National Land Policy ,1999 – Document

Land Use and Spatial Planning Act, 2016 – Document

Lands Commission Act, 2008 – Document

The Office of the Administrator of Stool Lands Act, 1994 – Document

Administration of Lands Act 1962 – Document

Administration of Lands Regulations 1963 (L.I. 283) – Document

State Lands Act, 1962 – Document

State Lands Regulations , 1962 (L.I. 230) – Document

Land Title Registration Act, 1986 – Document

Land Title Registration Regulation, 1986 (L.I. 1341) – Document

Farm Lands (Protection) Act , 1962 – Document

Some Handpicked Laws of interest to the private sector

Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 2013 – Document

The Labour Act, 2003 – Document

Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1987 – Document

Alternative Dispute Resolution Act 2010 – Document

Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice Act 1993 – Document

Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (Complaint Procedure) Regulation, 1994 (C.I. 7) – Document

Some Handpicked Laws related to gender

National Gender and Children Policy, 2004 – Document

National Gender Policy 2015 – Document

Intestate Succession Act, 1985 – Document

Some Handpicked International Treaties

Framework Convention on Climate Change – Document

Paris Agreement – Document

Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) – Document

Cartagena protocol on biosafety to the convention on biological diversity – text and annexes – Document

Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention (ILO) – Document

UN Convention against Corruption – Document

UN Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination – Document

UN Convention to combat desertification – Document

UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People – Document

International Cocoa Agreement – Document

International Coffee Agreement – Document

Regional treaties ratified by Ghana

African Charter on human and people’s rights – Document

African Convention on Combating Corruption – Document

African Convention on the conservation of nature and natural resources – Document

Protocol to the African charter on human and peoples’ rights – the establishment of an African court – Document

VPA UE-Ghana – Document