Can you picture our world five years from now?

In June 2024, Europeans will vote for the leaders who will shape the EU's path for the next five years.

Up to now, lawmakers haven't always taken into consideration environmental protection when making laws.

We're asking future EU representatives to build a new legal approach to make sure people and the planet thrive.

An action plan for a thriving EU

We’re asking future decision-makers to:

  1. Appoint a European Commission Vice-President for People and the Environment. They will ensure that climate, nature and social commitments are integrated across all EU decision-making.
  2. Stop funding fossil fuels and other harmful activities and apply the "polluters pay" principle, so that money goes to restoring our planet, not destroying it.
  3. Support those who make sure environmental laws are implemented, to hold governments and businesses to account.
  4. Strengthen environmental democracy so that everyone (including you!) can access information, exercise their rights and have a say in our future.

Read our manifesto to future EU leaders

A systemic approach for systemic change

Tell your future MEPs to use the power of the law to protect people and the planet.

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