The Greenwashing Files

It’s never been more urgent for companies everywhere to be more sustainable.

Yet the ‘green’ advertising of those companies most responsible for climate change and environmental damage is misleading the public about their sustainability.

Following our world-first complaint against BP’s advertising, we've investigated some of the world's biggest fossil fuel companies and uncovered the truth. Our Greenwashing Files highlight how advertising doesn’t always match up to reality.

Access to justice for a greener Europe

Access to justice is a fundamental means through which citizens and NGOs can support the implementation and enforcement of laws and policies to protect the environment. Our Access to Justice for a Greener Europe project focuses on raising awareness about the legal possibilities available for citizens and NGOs to help protect the environment through access to justice.

EU-China Environment Project

Environmental protection and green development are high priorities of the Chinese government. Our EU-China Environment project, funded by the EU Foreign Policy Instrument, supports cooperation between the EU and China on environmental policy, and aims to improve environmental protection standards and increase integration between the EU and China on environmental governance.

State Aid for Decarbonised Europe

We want to raise awareness of the importance of State aid decisions for decarbonisation and the need for consistency to ensure that market forces work in support of decarbonisation and the energy transition. Our project  aims to analyse the trends in the European Commission’s decisional practice on State aid cases relating to environmental protection and energy and to confront them with the reality of the energy market and the desired developments in the context of the energy transition.