Your Will enables us to defend the world well beyond your lifetime.

We all know that the health of our planet is in crisis.

It will take decades of commitment to reverse the damage wrought by dependencies on fossil fuels, our failure to curb plastic pollution and the destruction of natural habitats.

Please consider a gift in your Will to ClientEarth.

Your gift...

Your gift can be whatever suits your circumstances. It can be any percentage – from 1% (so those closest to you inherit the remainder) to 100% or an affordable sum of money.

The only information your professional adviser needs are:

Our Registered Charity Number:1053988

And our name: ClientEarth

The only decision you need to make is the type and size of gift you want to leave.

It could not be easier.

A gift to ClientEarth can reduce inheritance tax liability on your estate.

Inheritance tax is complicated (and we cannot give legal or wealth advice) but it is possible that for every £10,000 you leave us, your estate could save £4,000 in inheritance tax. Please take professional advice.

Making or changing your Will

Nowadays it is easy to change your current Will by simply contacting your professional adviser by phone or email. If your future financial needs are uncertain then please ask your adviser about a Letter of Wishes - it is a very flexible way to ensure all your gifts in your Will continue to meet your needs.

If you do not have a professional Will writer and would like help to find one please contact us and we can send a list of Will providers. Wills can be made online or through a solicitor.

We also have a partnership with FareWill, an online will-writing company, and you can write your Will online for free.

If you would like to discuss your gift

Please contact Sam on or you can complete our short online form below.

We fully understand you might not want to discuss your gift with us and there is absolutely no need to tell us. The only reason we'd like to know your decision is to say thank you.

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