We’re using the law to accelerate the move to a clean energy future.

While we have seen a positive move away from coal power in recent years, gas is still a big and damaging player. While less damaging than coal, gas is still a fossil fuel.

We champion policies that make clean energy solutions accessible and sustainable – both for the planet and for people.


The UK's record number of days in 2020 without coal use, the longest period since the industrial revolution.


The record-breaking portion of UK energy that came from renewables, during the first quarter of 2020.

What we do

We need to be able to produce enough power for everyone without contributing to dangerous climate change. At ClientEarth we advocate for policies that make room for clean energy solutions – making them accessible and sustainable for everyone.

  1. We make sure that a transition from coal means gas too, by preventing legislation that locks us in to gas power, leaving no room for renewable solutions.

  2. We advocate for changes to EU legislation that create more space for clean energy solutions from providers and consumers. We know that sustainable energy can develop faster if we allow citizens to establish their own energy sources – such as solar panels – and comes with other social benefits to people and communities.

  3. We need to create a level playing field for renewables providers. Coal and gas companies are still taking too big a chunk of government artificially propping up fossil fuels and disadvantaging clean energy innovation. We’re working to make sure subsidies and tax policies support progressive technologies.

  4. We fight for access to justice so other NGOs can make legal challenges in clean energy cases.

What we've achieved

We have worked hard to address several cases where State Aid has been given unnecessarily – and sometimes illegally – to fossil fuel companies in Europe. We successfully advocated for changes in EU legislation that opened up the market to clean technologies, ensuring more space for active participation in clean solutions from consumers. We have increased access to justice in clean energy related cases, and in France, we fought to be allowed a presence in a significant energy systems case.

Wind turbines at sunset

Transforming how France makes its electricity

ClientEarth is joining a legal case that could break commercial strongholds in the French energy market, clearing the way for an energy system based on renewable energy and citizen participation.