Habitats and ecosystems are declining at an alarming rate worldwide.

Habitat loss and degradation is one of the most pressing environmental challenges we face today. The ongoing decline of important habitats is not only an issue in itself, but is also a threat to the welfare – and survival – of humanity.


the approximate amount of global shallow water coral reefs that have already disappeared.


degrees - the global warming temperature at which the majority of habitats on land are predicted to shrink profoundly.

What we do

We’re focused on ensuring that habitats are protected on land and at sea. We use our legal expertise to make sure everyone, including politicians, businesses and the public, knows their rights and obligations when it comes to protecting nature.

We work to ensure that the law defends important nature sites across Europe. This includes ocean sites, where we fight for the designation of marine protected areas and the restriction of damaging fishing activities.

  1. In Poland and Romania

    We work with our partners to ensure the survival of the last natural forests in Europe. We’re fighting to stop national governments allowing the illegal exploitation of these precious forests’ resources.

  2. In Bulgaria

    We joined the fight to save Kresna Gorge, a small, but incredibly rich river valley and protected site, from being destroyed to make way for a new motorway. We’re standing up against the Bulgarian government, which is still pushing for the completion of the motorway despite decades of protests from both environmentalists and local communities.

  3. In the Western Balkans

    We are challenging the construction of hydroelectric power plants because the project owner failed to assess their potential environmental impact. If completed, the plants could irreparably damage natural river ecosystems and negatively impact wildlife in surrounding areas.

Saving Bialowieza

Bialowieza, a vast woodland across Poland and Belarus, is the only remaining primeval forest in the EU, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s home to some of Europe’s most fragile species and habitats, and is protected by EU conservation law. When ministers used a bark beetle outbreak to justify logging there, despite scientists finding no evidence to support it, we stepped in. Along with several other Polish and international NGOs, we lodged a complaint to the European Commission, calling for an investigation into the illegal plan.

Adequate implementation of nature legislation is essential to stop biodiversity loss and protect ecosystems in Europe. We need more ambitious targets and effective governance so we can recover our amazing biodiversity.
Soledad Gallego, Protected Wildlife and Habitats Lead, Marine & Mediterranean