What we do

ClientEarth is a charity that uses the power of the law to protect the planet and the people who live on it. We are lawyers and environmental experts who are fighting against climate change and to protect nature and the environment.

With the planet in peril, we believe the law is one of the most effective tools that we have in the battle to save civilisation.

“There is no future for coal. We ensure governments and corporations across Europe move away from fossil fuels and support a transition to clean energy.”

Sam Bright, Energy Lawyer

“Our oceans are vulnerable and vital to our planet’s health. They can be protected if strong laws are implemented effectively. That’s where we step in.”

Tatiana Lujan, Oceans Lawyer

“Our court challenge against a Polish energy firm’s failure to face up to climate risk is a world first. The climate crisis needs fundamental change in the board room. We use the law to drive it.”

Peter Barnett, Lawyer, Climate Accountability

Peter Barnett

“We finds ways to protect both forests and the rights of people who depend on them. What’s good for communities is good for forests, habitats, and the climate.”

Yulia Stange, Climate and Forests Coordinator

“Our clean air team has defeated the UK government three times in court. Now we’re taking the legal fight for clean air to cities across Europe.”

Andrea Lee, Senior Campaigner, Clean Air Team

“Brexit poses a real risk for the UK environment. Our team is taking on the challenge – making sure the government maintains strong legal protections after exit.”

Tom West, Law and Policy Advisor

“Our access to justice work is all about providing people with the ability to hold decision-makers accountable and make the future their own.”

Anaïs Berthier, Head of Environmental Democracy

Apolline Roger

“Decision makers wanted to weaken rules on hormone-disrupting chemicals in the EU. We used the law to ensure safeguards remained robust. The EU Commission dropped its plan.”

Apolline Roger, Law and Policy Advisor

“We stepped in to help save Poland’s ancient forests from illegal logging: we enforce laws that protect wildlife and the most precious habitats across Europe.”

Anna Heslop, Wildlife Lawyer

As a charity, we rely on public donations. With your support we can hold decision makers to account and forge a better world.

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Image credits: Robyn Budlender / Mauro Mora