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A future in which people and planet thrive together isn't just possible: it's essential.

We force businesses and governments to deliver on their environmental obligations. We help to draft more robust, ambitious laws. We propose scientifically sound policies and solutions to protect rights and resources in the first place.

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  • Tractor ploughing the field

    High stakes: Why the future of the EU’s food policy must be green

    As the major job of keeping the population fed puts more and more strain on the planet that keeps us alive, EU leaders face a challenge: making sure producing food and protecting nature are part of the same project – not opposing ones.

  • Photo of Uganda

    Landslide victims take Ugandan Government to court

    In failing to act on the known landslide risk, 48 people allege the Ugandan Government has violated their rights to life, property and right to a clean and healthy environment.

  • photo of city

    Our principles for Paris-aligned business plans

    Businesses worldwide are rushing to make climate commitments, but how can we make sure they hold up in practice?

  • Photo of shipping containers

    How trade policy can support good environmental practice

    As it designs its new trade policy, the UK government can – and should – take a more progressive approach to restricting imports for environmental reasons. Our new report shows that there are ways ahead.

  • James Thornton

    “Law is a powerful tool that can fundamentally change the way we live in the world. We see our work as pivotal to our shared future.”

    James Thornton
    CEO, ClientEarth

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    Sophie Marjanac

    "Rising seas are washing away Torres Strait Islanders' homes. We're supporting them to bring a world-first climate change case."

    Sophie Marjanac
    Climate lawyer

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    Ilona Jedrasik

    “Governments across the EU are still breathing life into coal with major subsidies. Europe needs to get a grip on its coal problem.”

    Ilona Jedrasik
    Energy Lead, Poland

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    Agata Szafraniuk

    “We stepped in to save Europe's oldest forest from illegal logging, protecting lynx, bison and other endangered species.”

    Agata Szafraniuk
    Biodiversity Lawyer

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    We use the power of law to bring about systemic change that protects life on earth.

    It’s our world. These are our laws. This is our work – join us.

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    Coal in Europe: it’s time to stop digging

    There are more than 250 coal power plants left in Europe. But across the continent action is not happening fast enough.

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    You have a right to breathe clean air

    Clean air is essential for a healthy life. Explore our work across Europe and find out how you can help us make that right a reality.

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    Why ClientEarth matters

    The science couldn’t be clearer: we are facing a climate crisis that threatens the future of life on our planet. But we have the power to fix it.

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    Saving Bialowieza Forest

    With your support, we saved this precious forest – one of the oldest in Europe – from unthinkable destruction.

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    Fighting harmful industrial emissions

    Coking plants in Poland are making the air unbreathable. Join the legal fight and sign our petition to protect people’s health.

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    Protecting islanders’ rights

    With our help, Torres Strait Islanders are bringing the first climate change case against the Australian federal government over human rights.

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