The climate crisis is the greatest challenge facing humanity.

The science couldn’t be clearer: we are facing a climate crisis that threatens the future of life on our planet. An increase in average global temperatures above 1.5C risks sea level rise, extreme weather and the loss of species and habitats as well as food scarcity and increasing poverty for millions of people worldwide.

The 2015 Paris Agreement was a landmark global response to combat climate change. But many countries and companies still aren’t doing enough. That’s where ClientEarth comes in. We have the power to fix it. By using the power of the law we bring about seismic, systemic change that protects life on Earth.


people a year are forced from their homes because of climate change.


90% of the world’s coral reefs are at risk from warming oceans


tonnes of ice were lost from Greenland every year between 1993 and 2016


increase in global sea levels in the last century

What we've achieved:


in climate-adaptation spending promised to the Torres Strait Islands following our legal complaint


of BP’s annual spend was on oil and gas, but its ads focused on clean energy. We launched a complaint and BP pulled its ad campaign.