A future in which people and planet thrive together isn't just possible: it's essential


of the world's food supply relies on pollination by animals and insects.


of the world's oxygen is produced by the ocean.


of terrestrial life on Earth depends on forests.


of the world's population lives in coastal areas less than 10m above sea level.

The global challenge

Our planet is changing. Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change. Our forests are disappearing. The air we breathe and the oceans we depend on are polluted. Vulnerable plants and animals are under threat.

To meet these global challenges we draw on our legal and policy expertise, using the power of the law to come up with solutions. Thanks to your support, we can tackle some of the most pressing environmental challenges and help protect life on Earth.

The world is changing dramatically, and the crucial years ahead will determine the health of the planet our children will inherit.
James Thornton, ClientEarth President and Founder
James Thornton, ClientEarth founder