Our planet is changing.

Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change. Our forests are disappearing. The air we breathe and the oceans we depend on are polluted.

These are not future problems. The effects are being felt now - and disproportionately by the most vulnerable communities around the world. At ClientEarth, we work to protect all life on Earth


people a year are forced from their homes because of climate change.


Climate-related disasters have tripled in the last 30 years

What we're doing

  1. Tackling air pollution

    Clean air is essential for a healthy life but across Europe, levels of air pollution are far above legal limits. Children, older people and people on low incomes or from ethnic minorities are disproportionately affected. We’re fighting hard to protect everyone’s right to breathe clean air.

  2. Pushing for climate change mitigation and adaptation

    Increasingly, we are seeing the impact of climate change across the world. Sea level rise, droughts and an increase in natural disasters are just some of the effects of a changing climate. These threats hit the most vulnerable communities the hardest. We’re using the law to hold governments to account for failing to take urgent action to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

  3. Protecting our rights

    We promote robust, inclusive laws that uphold the rights of forest-dependent communities. We’re pushing for the prevention and mitigation of human rights and environmental impacts of global supply chains. We’re promoting the right to information and access to justice so the human rights of those most affected by environmental destruction are protected.

  4. Ensuring a just transition

    We’re pushing for a brighter, greener future that leaves no one behind. Phasing out fossil fuels and other polluting industries has a real impact on people’s livelihoods. We’re calling for investment and policies that promote green jobs and green industries and minimise the costs and impacts for individuals and communities.