We work in partnership across borders, systems and sectors.

Our work focuses on changing the system – informing, implementing and enforcing the law, advising decision-makers on policy and training legal and judicial professionals.

In 2017, we were named the ‘UK’s most effective environmental organisation’ by the Environmental Funders Network.

Why the law 

We believe the law is the most powerful tool we have in the fight to protect life on earth. The environmental crisis is too big to be addressed bottom-up. We believe that to deliver change at the rate at which it is needed, there needs to be systemic change. And to do this you need the law.

Watch our video to discover what the law can do.

How we use the law

  1. We help shape environmental laws.

    We work to ensure environmental laws are as strong and effective as possible, advising policy-makers and pushing for legal reforms. From ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of the EU Common Fisheries Policy to pushing for change to UK corporate and pensions law, our policy and legal experts help secure laws that protect people and planet.

  2. We hold governments and companies to account.

    Laws are just words on a page unless they are enforced. With over a decade of experience, we have proved the impact we can have by using the legal system as a lever for change and we don’t shy away from challenging governments and businesses in court.

  3. We push for access to justice and information.

    It is imperative that environmental laws are widely understood, protected and accessible. We campaigned for years for individuals and NGOs to have the right to challenge many more EU decisions that break environmental law. We’re also promoting the right to information and access to justice so the human rights of those most affected by environmental destruction are protected.

Who we work with

Our work focuses on high-impact legal action and we couldn't do it alone.

We work in partnership across borders, systems and sectors with governments, organisations and individuals in the green community and beyond.

We also regularly collaborate with the creative industries to bring the valuable voices of artists, performers and creators to the climate fight because there is more to changing perceptions and advocating for the planet than legal arguments.