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Ghana | 30th April 1971

Regulation – 1971 – Wildlife Conservation Regulation – LI 685

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Regulation – 1971 – Wildlife Conservation Regulation – LI 685

The Wildlife Conservation Regulation provides for hunting restrictions in relation to different species of animals which are classified into wholly and partly protected animals. The Regulation further prohibits hunting without a license and exporting game or trophies without permit and provides for rules and procedures in relation to game licenses and export permits. Lastly rules of operation for game officers are included in the regulation.


The 1971 Regulation was amended by the Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Regulations, 1983 (L.I. 1284). The amendments concerned the inclusion of a specific offence in relation to the possession or trade in ivory and the replacement of the penalties on offences included in the original regulations. New templates for licenses and permits were also introduced.

The Regulation was further amended in 1988 (LI 1357) to insert fees to be paid in relation to the possession of ivory and in relation to trophy export licenses. The lists with classifications of different types of protected animals were also amended.

In 1989 the regulations were further amended by Wildlife Conservation (Amendment) Regulations (L.I. 1452) to include the exception of hunting for the purposes of a cultural festival as an exception to the prohibition to hunt wild animals, to include the possible confiscation of hunting equipment, to submit bush meat trade to licensing and to prohibit the keeping of wild animals without a license.