Previous COPs have produced several climate commitments and promises, not least the milestone of the Paris Agreement in 2015.

This was a huge achievement, yet despite these commitments, we’ve not seen enough meaningful progress.

These broken promises have weakened trust, and that has far-reaching implications.

They undermine diplomatic cooperation, they diminish citizens’ faith in their political leaders, and they leave businesses facing regulatory uncertainty.

A clear symptom of this breakdown of trust is climate litigation. It’s a last course of action when companies and governments fail to deliver on their commitments and obligations. 

That’s why at this year’s COP we'll be calling for the right rules – the right national climate laws, the right policies, the right international law initiatives – to phase out fossil fuels, support the most vulnerable communities, and secure real-world progress.

Read our policy report and tell world leaders we need #ClimateLawsNow. 

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