ClientEarth is committed to meeting the highest standards of transparency and integrity when delivering our mission. We are also guided by our commitment to uphold ClientEarth's values. Our Governance and Legal Services department supports ClientEarth by ensuring that we abide by our legal and regulatory obligations, and that we act in accordance with high ethical standards. The below policies outline our approach to compliance and our expectation of how our staff and partners should act when working at or with ClientEarth. These policies and their implementation are periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that ClientEarth stays aligned with best practices.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Data Protection Policy

View our Data Protection Policy

*Note* This policy is currently being updated and will be published soon

Delegated Authorities Policy

Environmental Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Partner Due Diligence Policy

Procurement Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Value for Money Policy

View our Value for Money Policy

*Note* This policy is currently being updated and will be published soon

Whistleblowing and Reporting Policy

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Policy

You can view this policy here.

Anti-Bribery, -Corruption and -Fraud Policy

View our Anti-Bribery, -Corruption and -Fraud Policy Policy here.

Raising concerns or complaints

At ClientEarth, we are committed to the highest standards of transparency, integrity, and accountability. We look to ensure the best value for our work and to maximise impact, as expected by our staff, partners and supporters. In the event that we fall short of these standards however, we want to hear about it. This is why we have TellUs, ClientEarth’s reporting channel - so that our staff, partners, and supporters can voice any concerns or complaints that relate to ClientEarth, and concern (suspected) breaches of law (e.g., corruption, sexual exploitation, abuse and sexual harassment) or of our policies or values (e.g., our Value-for-Money Policy), our fundraising or advertising practices (e.g., misuse of funds or inaccurate, deceptive, or offensive campaigns), or other forms of misconduct (e.g., unethical or improper conduct, complicit or obstructive conduct).

We foster a culture in which our staff, partners, and supporters feel comfortable coming forward to report concerns or complaints without fear of retaliation, and with the confidence that these reports will be appropriately addressed. This prompts ClientEarth to conduct a full and fair investigation, allowing us, where necessary, to remediate wrongdoing, to improve our internal policies and processes, and to document reports and their follow-up. Of course, TellUs should not be used to make false accusations, or to report information known to be untrue.

While we encourage you to include your contact details in any reports you make, to facilitate communication and follow-up measures, you can also report anonymously if you feel more comfortable.

To report a concern or complaint, or to get more information on how our reporting channel works, take a closer look at our TellUs landing page: ClientEarth | Home (