Adam joined ClientEarth in March 2020. He is a lawyer who previously worked for NGOs defending victims of human rights violations in Europe, particularly migrants and ethnic minorities. Before joining ClientEarth, he had a wide-ranging practice at the European Roma Rights Centre, including litigation spanning eighteen countries, with cases before national courts, the European Court of Human Rights, UN treaty bodies, and the European Committee of Social Rights.


Adam is a member of the board of several NGOs, has published numerous academic articles and blogs, and has trained lawyers, judges, and NGOs. He holds an LLM from King’s College (University of London), a JD from Columbia Law School, a diplôme d’études approfondies from the University of Paris-IV (La Sorbonne), and an undergraduate degree from Harvard University. He speaks English, French, Spanish, and Hungarian.

“The way we live does not have to destroy life in our oceans or poison our bodies and the environment. But it takes much more than individuals changing their behaviour. A big part of the problem is what most of us don’t know: plastic pollution, harmful chemicals, and overfishing are doing their worst harm out of sight. I get to work with brilliant, committed people using science, law, and strategic partnerships to expose these problems and put an end to them."