“ClientEarth is at the forefront of changing the way the planet's resources are governed. They have a positive and pragmatic approach to environmental issues, improving and enforcing environmental law. Coldplay are proud to support them.”

Coldplay support #No2DirtyAir

Coldplay supports our fight for clean air.

Air pollution is an invisible killer. Poor air quality is responsible for more than 3 million early deaths around the world; 400,000 early deaths across Europe and 40,000 in the UK every year. In London alone, more than 9,000 early deaths are caused annually from toxic air across the UK capital.

Governments are doing too little to tackle the problem.

Over the coming weeks, ClientEarth will launch a wave of new legal challenges across Europe and return to court against the UK government over illegal levels of pollution in Britain.

We need your support too. Say #No2dirtyair by helping to fund our air quality cases.

Our environmental lawyers are fighting to achieve safe, clean air for you, your family and everyone you know.


About Coldplay

Coldplay’s unique brand of alternative rock is recognisable to millions of people worldwide. After the release of four multi-platinum selling albums, from debut Parachutes in 2000 to Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends in 2008, the band have just released their newest album, A Head Full Of Dreams, and are currently on a world tour.

Since forming at University College, London in 1998, Coldplay have an ethical track record to match their musical one. They have demonstrated a philanthropic, ethical and egalitarian philosophy throughout their career.

The band donate a considerable proportion of all earnings to charitable causes. They have also turned down numerous endorsement contracts for multi-national brands and consistently refuse to let their music be used in product advertising. Perhaps most famously known for their support of Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign, Coldplay have supported numerous other organisations including Mencap.

We are delighted the band members are patrons of ClientEarth and that they support our  campaign for better air quality.

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