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Fisheries & Seafood | 11 June 2013

Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) Members’ meeting minutes 11th June 2013
Fisheries & Seafood
Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC)
Sustainable Seafood
Wildlife & habitats

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Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) Members’ meeting minutes 11th June 2013

Summary of agreed points
Item 1: Members’ vote
• The comments received during the six week public feedback period were discussed.
Members prioritised their top three priority points to discuss in detail and these
were: to reconsider the ethical/social aspect in the scope of the code; how fishmeal
will be addressed for aquaculture; and the costs and transparency of auditing.
• Issues regarding the presentation and clarity of the code were also widely regarded
as important amongst SSC members and these were discussed briefly at the end of
the meeting.
• Issues around AIPCE-CEP principles were also given a high priority and it was
agreed they will be discussed at a later meeting to be scheduled by the secretariat.
• Members were keen that all feedback be addressed and discussed. It was agreed
that the secretariat will circulate a feedback form to members to highlight which
feedback they agreed with and would like to amend the code accordingly, and
whether it would require a meeting or could be agreed via email or conference call.