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Forests | 20 March 2012

Minerals and Mining (Health, Safety and Technical) Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2182)
Africa Law Database - Ghana

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Minerals and Mining (Health, Safety and Technical) Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2182)

Minerals and Mining (Health, Safety and Technical) Regulations include information on: operating plans and operating permits (reg. 6-11), inspections, investigations and enquiries (reg. 12-20), mine management (reg. 32-55) and mine plans (reg. 57-75). Surface mining is covered specifically by reg. 82-173.

Under reg. 9, the content of the mining operating plan must include a narrative which addresses the environmental aspects associated with the proposed mine. Under reg. 12, the Minister may conduct environmental inspections to control the performance of a mine in relation to environmental standards and its monitoring activities.

Regulations for specific facilities or equipment are also detailed: processing plants (reg. 217-247), auxiliary mine surface facilities (reg. 248-262), lifting machines (reg. 309-330), steam boilers and air receivers (332-351), electrical systems (reg. 352-393), winding apparatus and winding engines (reg. 394-407) and ropes (reg. 408-421). The safety of workmen is covered through a focus on fire protection (reg. 517-530), first aid (reg. 531-539) and the duties of the workmen themselves (reg. 550-561).