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Forests | 20 March 2012

Minerals and Mining (General) Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2173)
Africa Law Database - Ghana

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Minerals and Mining (General) Regulations, 2012 (L.I. 2173)

The Minerals and Mining (General) Regulations cover topics that are divided into 8 key sections: 1) recruitment of expatriates, training of Ghanaians and preference for local products; 2) exportation, sale and disposal of minerals; 3) general provisions concerning mineral rights; 4) reconnaissance operations; 5) prospecting operations; 6) mining operations; 7) small scale mining operations; 8) miscellaneous provisions.

Under regulation 10, the holder of a reconnaissance licence must repair or make good any damage caused to the surface of the land to the satisfaction of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commission within ninety days.