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Oceans | 21st January 2021

How energy taxation can end destructive fishing
Fossil fuels
Fisheries & Seafood
European Green Deal

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How energy taxation can end destructive fishing

As stated in the EU Green Deal, taxation should be used as an environmental tool to achieve the EU's ambitious climate objectives. The Energy Taxation Directive (ETD) needs to be revised in the coming months to precisely achieve this purpose. From a fisheries perspective, the revision of the ETD also offers an exciting opportunity to eliminate fossil fuel exemptions, which are harmful fisheries subsidies from an environmental, economic, social and climate change perspective. The revision of the ETD and the current WTO negotiations on harmful fisheries is the perfect window of opportunity to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies at both internal and international levels. The EU must lead by example and steer the WTO negotiations away from fuel subsidies. This paper explains how a revision of the ETD can end destructive fishing while supporting climate objectives in line with international commitments.

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