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Forests | 1 July 2015

Community/Investor Guidelines for Large-Scale Land Transactions 2015
Africa Law Database - Ghana

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Community/Investor Guidelines for Large-Scale Land Transactions 2015

Designed by the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) with funding from the World Bank and USAID, these guidelines are part of a 3-document project that aims to encourage socially responsible land investment practice. Along with Recommendations for Large-Scale Land-Based Investment in Ghana and a Model Lease Agreement, the guidelines aim to address the challenges faced in commercial agriculture land transactions. They follow from the Guidelines for Large-Scale Land Acquisitions developed by the Lands Commission of Ghana in 2012.

These guidelines detail the responsibilities and suggested actions of communities, investors and stakeholders during the 5 step process of land transactions: 1) preparing for investment, 2) initial engagement, 3) impact assessments, 4) negotiation/consent and 5) monitoring/enforcing. By including multiple perspectives, the document aims to reduce the lack of understanding and inaccurate expectations between the parties. The guidelines also aim to encourage broad-based support from all sections of the community, particularly those often excluded (e.g. youth, women, migrants). Appendix 1 provides a summary of the environmental impact assessment process in Ghana.