Abe Lim is currently the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Purpose Plastics, an independent plastic waste management company that also manufactures domestic and infrastructure products out of plastic waste.

Prior to founding Purpose Plastics, Abe spent 7 years in the Oil and Gas industry managing company sales and operations and supplier relationships in Shanghai and Indonesia. She also headed the Syngas Department during her last year and played a key role in the continued development of converting plastic waste to energy. It was at this department where she realised that they could only recycle less than 5% of the plastic waste collected. Since then, she started to be more active in advocating for the reduction of plastic pollution here.

Besides her work in O&G, Abe was also the Chief Executive Officer for Apver Technologies and held the position of Chief Operating Officer at Hello World Robotics, Collab Coworking Space and is an investor of several F&B ventures. She has given 2 Tedx Talks and is a frequent speaker/panellist in the youth entrepreneur community. Apart from that, she has worked with UNHCR, UNFCCC and UNEP for the past 5 years. Abe is a trained lawyer from Oxford Brooke’s University. She has also previously completed an Executive Business Program at Stanford Business School.