Laura joined ClientEarth in November 2020 as part of the Forests team. She conducts strategic litigation and legal advocacy to protect the world’s tropical forests and the rights of forest communities.


Before joining ClientEarth, Laura worked on business and human rights in Mexico, where she accompanied communities negatively impacted by mining, energy and infrastructure projects, and advocated to improve relevant legal frameworks. Laura trained at London law firm Simmons & Simmons, and has also worked as a defence lawyer for Death Row inmates in Pakistan, and representing refugees and asylum seekers in Europe and Latin America.


Laura graduated from Oxford University with a degree in French and Italian. She went on to do an MA in Latin American and Caribbean studies at the University of London, before completing the law conversion and practice courses at BPP Law School.

We must protect the world’s forests if we want to prevent climate change and allow biodiversity to flourish. By focusing on the empowerment of local communities as long-term guardians of forests, ClientEarth recognises the inextricable link between human rights, the environment and climate change.