Ilona Jędrasik joined our Warsaw office in February 2014.


Before joining ClientEarth, Ilona worked as a policy officer for the Polish Climate Coalition (the association of NGO’s working on climate protection). She focused mostly on renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-carbon economy transition. She also worked for Polish and Georgian non-governmental organisations being involved in development aid, educational and human rights projects in both Poland and South Caucasus.


Ilona completed her Masters in sociology at the University of Warsaw and her postgraduate course in Foreign Policy at Collegium Civitas and the Polish Institute of International Affairs. She is currently doing a PhD in public policy at the Warsaw School of Economics.

I am passionate about making change in our reality. I want our economy to be green and low-emission and our air and water to be clean. I believe law can significantly trigger this change and that's why I find ClientEarth's work so important and unusual. I am happy to be part of it.

Ilona is working on