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ClientEarth and DUH launch 11 more court cases over Germany’s dirty air

11 German cities over illegal air pollution, following February’s resounding victory in Germany’s highest court. The cases were launched today by consumer protection organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) and environmental lawyers ClientEarth. The lawyers have targeted cities with levels of illegal pollution so high that they are unlikely to be brought below legal limits

Lawyers launch fresh legal action to hold Stuttgart to diesel bans

legal pressure to put diesel bans in place, after authorities failed to confirm they would comply with February’s landmark Federal court ruling in Leipzig. Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) has launched an enforcement action, compelling Baden-Württemberg’s authorities to follow the original (and now enforceable) ruling from the regional court, which said Stuttgart was obliged to

Another defining moment for diesel – second German ban by 2019

Aachen’s regional court has just ruled that the authorities must put a diesel ban in place by January 2019 to bring illegal levels of pollution in the city down, the result of legal action by Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH) and ClientEarth.

“Time’s up” – diesel bans must take effect in Berlin, rules German judge

5 standard must be active in Berlin by the end of March 2019. The case was brought by German environment and consumer protection organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ). Between DUH and environmental lawyers, ClientEarth, legal action for clean air has been brought in a total of 34 cities across Germany. Diesel bans have so

Judgment on landmark German pollution case will come on Tuesday 27 February

Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH) and ClientEarth’s court hearing on diesel restrictions in Germany came to a close this afternoon, with the judges scheduling a ruling for midday on Tuesday 27 February.

Legal action against German government for ammonia breaches

ClientEarth and German organisation DUH are suing the German government over ammonia emissions.

Stuttgart must ban Euro 5 diesel vehicles or face court-imposed fine

duty or face financial penalties. Half-hearted solutions that do not effectively protect people’s health will not be tolerated.” The decision comes after ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) took the Baden- Württemberg government to court over their failure to reduce air pollution, with the Stuttgart Administrative Court ordering the introduction of traffic restrictions on

Munich air pollution case: further failure may mean prison sentence for minister

court hearing today. Minister Scharf now has a four month deadline in which to take concrete action. Environmental lawyers ClientEarth and German environment organisation Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) brought legal action in 2015 over illegal nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in Munich. Bavaria’s Higher Administrative Court ruled in our favour last February. It said the

Lawyers call for penalties as Stuttgart defies diesel ruling

measure ruled necessary by the Federal Administrative Court in February, and demanded explicitly by the Stuttgart court in July, following court action by ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ). ClientEarth lawyer Ugo Taddei said: “It is staggering to see regional authorities directly refusing to follow explicit court instructions and denying people the right to breathe

Stuttgart’s shoddy air quality plan prompts court ultimatum

standard vehicles, but exempted residents, is wholly inadequate and does not answer to February’s ruling from the Federal Administrative Court. The hearing came after Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ), which brought the original case with ClientEarth against Stuttgart, followed up when no appropriate action was taken by Stuttgart following the February ruling. ClientEarth lawyer Ugo Taddei

Euro 5 bans possible immediately – official ruling published

highest court over its failure to tackle illegal pollution according to limits that came in to force in 2010. Environmental lawyers from ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ), who worked together to bring the cases against Stuttgart and Duesseldorf, say there is no time to be lost. ClientEarth clean air lawyer Ugo Taddei said:

Will Munich protect people from air pollution? Court will decide

illegal air pollution. The decision could have a huge impact on other clean air court cases that ClientEarth is currently pursuing with German partners Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ). The hearing is the final stage of an appeal by the government against a ruling originally made in 2012. The region was breaking legal pollution limits

We’re tackling unseen air pollution in Germany

has a legal obligation to protect people in Germany and across the EU from dangerous air pollution but it’s not doing enough. Together with Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) we’ve launched a legal challenge over its continued failures to clean up the country’s toxic air. What is ammonia pollution? Air pollution is not caused by

What will it take to clean up Munich’s air?

In 2016, ClientEarth supported German environment organisation Deutsche Umwelthlife ( DUH) to bring legal action over illegal air pollution levels in Munich. Three years on and the Bavarian Environment Minister has still not cleaned up the city’s air. We’re still fighting for the right to breathe clean air and have taken the case all

Germany clocks up further diesel bans as government tries to thwart courts

standard from April. ClientEarth’s German website is now live – click here to view The challenge was brought by environmental protection organisations ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) who have between them taken action over illegally dirty air in 34 cities across Germany. Head of ClientEarth’s Germany office Hermann Ott said: “The courts are

German diesel fix “totally inadequate” say environmental lawyers

air pollution, Germany’s leaders must compel manufacturers to take action and urgently move the country away from polluting vehicles to cleaner transport.” ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) have between them taken legal action to fight for clean air in a total of 34 cities across Germany. DUH CEO Juergen Resch said: “This new

Frankfurt to become fifth German city to instate diesel ban: fresh court ruling

the only way to bring air pollution down to legal levels in the shortest possible time. The ruling is another victory for ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ), who are working together to bring legal action to protect people’s health across Germany – bringing cases in 28 towns and cities in total. A landmark ruling

German Federal Government must build on Environment Minister’s new diesel retrofits proposal

her track record and start fighting to protect the health of German citizens, rather than the interests of a discredited car industry.” ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) are fighting to protect the rights of German citizens to breathe clean air across the country. In February 2018, ClientEarth and DUH were successful before the

Stuttgart diesel restriction unlikely to satisfy court

to follow the court’s demand to apply the ban to residents too, or schedule a restriction of all but the newest diesels. ClientEarth and Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ), which brought the original legal action because of illegal levels of nitrogen dioxide air pollution in the city, say the plan outlined is a step forward,

Clean air across Europe – a snapshot

ClientEarth and its partners have taken authorities in several European countries to court over illegal levels of air pollution. In Germany, ClientEarth collaborated with Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) in 2015 and brought 10 legal cases on air pollution over illegal levels of harmful gas nitrogen dioxide, against regional authorities. Courts ordered the governments of

Lawyers press for clean air enforcement as region snubs Germany’s highest court

vehicles where air pollution is illegally high. But the North Rhine-Westphalia authorities have failed to update Dusseldorf’s air quality plan, as legally required to. Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ), with support from ClientEarth, has filed an enforcement action to push the authorities to act. ClientEarth clean air lawyer Ugo Taddei said: “The Federal Administrative Court

Important judgments for clean air in Germany

for compliance with air standards. The case originates in two local administrative courts of the cities of Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, initiated by the NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) with the support of ClientEarth. These cities are among those that have been exceeding the permitted levels of nitrogen dioxide for years. In cases of excess,

Market-changing moment as Germany’s highest court orders diesel bans

is found wanting.” The ruling will have major implications for all of the clean air cases open in German cities, brought by national NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ), and environment lawyers ClientEarth – 19 in total. It also puts the automobile industry at an unprecedented crossroads. Thornton added: “Legal action on dirty air is

German NGO refused standing to challenge passenger car type approval

German car manufacturers brought up this question with new relevance. In this judgment, the Administrative Court of Schleswig Holstein decided that German NGO, Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V ( DUH ), does not have standing to challenge the decision of a type approval authority. It argued that such an interpretation of the Environmental Appeals Act would go

Stuttgart judge demands diesel bans from 2018, ruling retrofits will not tackle pollution

Stuttgart’s local government came up with a draft Air Quality Plan in response to legal action launched by environmental lawyers ClientEarth and German charity Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ). The draft plan contained some positive measures – including a reactive ‘peak pollution’ diesel ban – but was not adequate to tackle Stuttgart’s air pollution, in

Munich to ban diesel following court order

6 vehicles from the ban, as the mayor plans to, will present its own set of problems. The trouble with Euro 6 CEO of Deutsche Umwelthilfe ( DUH ) Jürgen Resch said: “The diesel ban in Münich should actually apply to most Euro 6 diesel vehicles. Current measurements show even the latest Euro 6 models