Logging, agriculture and mining are increasingly driving deforestation in Liberia.

The environmental impacts of deforestation are devastating, but the people and communities who live in the forest are also at risk.

Strong laws are essential to mitigate environmental impacts and ensure local communities’ rights are recognised and upheld. That’s where ClientEarth comes in.


species live in Liberia’s forests and the area is considered a global biodiversity hotspot.


of Liberia's forests have been lost to deforestation.

What we do

We began working in Liberia in 2015 providing legal support and advice. The forest sector in Liberia is currently undergoing important changes, which have crucial impacts on the country’s forests, as well as the populations that depend on them.

Our work seeks to improve forest laws and their implementation, by equipping local forest communities and NGOs with the knowledge and understanding of how they work in practice.

Liberia Law Database

This page provides information to civil society organisations and others working on natural resources and community-rights related issues in Liberia. This resource will be updated and improved on an ongoing basis, so that we can build our expertise together with civil society organisations in Liberia.

Communities are playing an increasingly important role in the management of forests. They are entitled to share in the benefits and manage them sustainably. To do this, they need to be able to speak and act with the law in mind.
Negbalee Warner, Counsellor from our partner organisation HPA