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  • Mielec, Poland

    ClientEarth supports Poles in their fight against industrial emissions

    ClientEarth is supporting residents of Mielec, a city in south-eastern Poland, who recently organised some of the largest ever environmental protests in the country.

  • people at sunset, London, UK

    UK government has “missed the point” on air pollution super-inquiry

    Environmental lawyers say the UK government has made soft commitments on MPs’ ‘super-inquiry’ into illegal levels of air pollution.

  • St Paul's Cathedral, London

    Metro mayors call on UK government for clean air action

    Metropolitan mayors across the UK have called on the government for stronger actions to clean up the UK’s illegal levels of air pollution.

  • Image shows cars on a road from above

    Diesel investigation hots up in Germany with Audi arrest

    The chief executive of carmaker Audi has been arrested in Germany by prosecutors probing the diesel emissions scandal. 

  • Image shows VW Beetle car on a beach

    German VW fine means all emissions cheats on the hook

    Car maker Volkswagen has been fined €1bn by German prosecutors for emissions cheating. ClientEarth lawyer Ugo Taddei says this means all emissions cheats are now on the hook

  • photo of child playing with chalk

    European Commission’s delayed chemicals decisions endangering human health and environment

    Human health and the environment are being put at risk because of excessive delays in chemical regulatory decisions by the European Commission, new research reveals.

  • Aachen, Germany

    Another defining moment for diesel – second German ban by 2019

    Aachen’s regional court has just ruled that the authorities must put a diesel ban in place by January 2019 to bring illegal levels of pollution in the city down, the result of legal action by Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) and ClientEarth.

  • Image shows aerial view of London

    London mayor announces expanded pollution charge zone

    London’s mayor has announced the city’s upcoming Ultra Low Emission Zone will be expanded two years after it comes into force

  • image of a line of cars

    UK Government action on emissions test cheats a long time coming

    The UK Government has announced new measures to crack down on car manufacturers that cheat emissions tests. But the measures come only after the EU began legal proceedings against the government for its inaction. 

  • ECHA favouring microplastics industry opinion over scientific evidence of environmental damage

    The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has been favouring industry during its initial gathering of evidence on microplastics.

  • plane on runway

    Heathrow expansion: ‘two major obstacles’

    Reports this morning suggest that Theresa May’s cabinet will back plans for a third runway at Heathrow today. Any plan would face two major obstacles.

  • Traffique

    Brussels 2030 diesel ban not ambitious enough

    Brussels Environment Minister, Céline Fremault, has today announced the city will ban all diesel vehicles by 2030.

  • Skyline, Brno, Czech Republic

    Czech court dismisses Brno’s inadequate Air Quality Plan

    The Czech Republic Supreme Administrative Court has dismissed the government’s Air Quality Plan for Brno, ruling that it failed to provide measures to reduce illegal levels of air pollution in the city.

  • St. Paul's Cathedral, London, United Kingdom

    New clean air consultation shows UK government struggling to solve air pollution crisis

    A new consultation from the UK government on measures to clean up illegal levels of air pollution in 33 Local Authorities across England have been met with bafflement by environmental lawyers.

  • European Commission takes first step to tackle single use plastics

    The European Commission has taken a leap forward in tackling plastic pollution, with new laws to reduce throwaway single-use plastics.

  • hamburg pedestrian street

    Germany’s first diesel ban will be in force by May 31

    Europe’s first diesel ban prohibits all but the cleanest vehicles – we welcome Hamburg’s move but without Federal coordination, Germany has some way to go.

  • Coking plant, Silesia, Poland

    Polish coking plant finally confirms closure after ClientEarth intervention

    The owner of Debiensko coking plant in Silesia, Poland, has confirmed that it will stop operating in September, after years of efforts from local residents and a recent intervention from environmental law organisation ClientEarth.

  • Image shoing a helicopter over the Queen Elizabeth II Tower

    New UK government air quality strategy falls short

    We’ve long been calling for a comprehensive air pollution plan for everything from cars to cows but at first glance, there seems to a transport-shaped hole in the government’s approach to the problem.

  • Cars in traffic

    Euro 5 bans possible immediately – official ruling published

    The German Federal court has published its landmark ruling about diesel bans, confirming these are legally possible and, in areas where it is the fastest route to reducing pollution, legally required.

  • Traffic at sunset

    European Commission legal action on air pollution ‘welcome but late’

    The European Commission announced today that it will refer six EU countries to the Court of Justice of the European Union for their prolonged failure to address air pollution.

  • Environmental lawyers ask for better protection from harmful chemicals in food packaging

    Speaking to the European Parliament, Alice Bernard said more needs to be done to protect people from harmful endocrine disruptor chemicals in food packaging.

  • child playing with lego

    ClientEarth joins EDC-Free Europe in calling for action against hormone disrupting chemicals

    ClientEarth has joined more than 70 other environmental health, women’s and consumer groups in Europe calling for a future free of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).

  • European chemicals agency must ‘redefine remit’ to serve public interest

    Environmental lawyers from ClientEarth are calling on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to redefine its role to better serve the public interest and not just the chemicals industry.

  • Millenium Bridge, London

    New WHO data shows more government action needed to protect people from harmful air

    The World Health Organization (WHO) published new data that shows an alarming proportion of people in most EU countries are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.