waterfall over stones in forest in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Forest Code clarified

Ivory Coast passed a new Forest Code in 2014 and is currently revising the decrees which will enable its implementation.

In this legal analysis, ClientEarth’s Nathalie Faure has looked at the key provisions of the Forest Code (2014) to clarify the terms of the law and to make it more easily understandable for those working on forest governance in Ivory Coast.

The current reform is focused on the Forest Code’s implementing decrees. The implementing decrees will detail the rules and procedures needed to apply the Forest Code.

This process is crucial as the implementing decrees need to be completed and need to be coherent to ensure that the Forest Code works in practice.

We are working with civil society to ensure that the rights of local communities are enshrined in these decrees. Our work also aims to ensure that these legal texts include a clear framework concerning the exploitation of forests, including for timber and non-timber forest products, such as nuts and fruits.

By conducting this analysis, we highlight the importance of forest governance and forest laws.

We seek to:

  • clarify the meaning of certain provisions in the law where they were too technical or unclear, which could lead to different interpretations;
  • identify the provisions that will require an implementing decree;
  • identify the provisions that need clarification, for which new implementing legislation represents an opportunity;
  • identify the contradictions between different provisions in the law or with other legislation;
  • formulate comments on the scope of certain provisions.

In this analysis we share ClientEarth’s interpretations and understanding of this law

We hope that it will help civil society, the Ministry of Forests (MINEF) and other relevant ministries, as well as the private sector and consultants working on the implementing decrees, to build a strong and coherent legal framework.

ClientEarth will continue to support Ivorian civil society in the next phases of the forest legal reform process.

Read the full analysis: Analyse du Nouveau Code Forestier – Cote d’Ivoire

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