In China, environmental rule of law is relatively young.

Environmental law has a huge role to play in cutting pollution and protecting the natural world. ClientEarth has been helping the Chinese government draft new laws, train judges and support environmental groups to bring cases against polluting companies and local authorities.


- the cost of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, a global infrastructure project that we are helping to make more sustainable.


cases brought against polluting companies and local government since we started our rule of law work in China.

What we do

We are working with the Chinese government to embed green principles at the heart of its huge ‘Belt and Road’ infrastructure project, which is building roads, railways and ports all around the world. We want to make sure sustainability is the guiding light for every single these projects in over 70 countries, from Pakistan to Nigeria and Chile.

EU China Environment Project

Environmental protection and green development are high priorities of the Chinese government. Our EU-China Environment Project, funded by the EU Foreign Policy Instrument, supports cooperation between the EU and China on environmental policy, and aims to improve environmental protection standards and increase integration between the EU and China on environmental governance

China’s people and its government are fed up with pollution. The system of environmental law is being revamped, and ClientEarth helps to make it as effective as possible in protecting the planet.
Dimitri De Boer, Chief Representative for China