The challenge of climate change can only be met through the fundamental redesign and transformation of our energy system. Our reliance on fossil fuels for energy is hampering international efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Our work focuses on the legal and regulatory barriers to such a transformation, and explores the tools that will achieve a rapid decarbonisation of our economies.

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    Winter Package Symposium

    Join ClientEarth to explore and assess the Commission’s proposals for a new electricity market design

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    It’s official: Trump moves to upend Obama’s climate action

    America’s new President has begun a climate purge, promising to raze Obama’s cornerstone Climate Action Plan.

  • photo of powerlines to illustrate story about Fresh concerns over how new Emissions Reduction Plan will be managed

    Fresh concern over emissions reduction plan as government ducks more robust reporting

    Under the UK Climate Change Act, the government is soon to release its latest five-yearly plan for cutting emissions. But for it to work, government must regularly appraise its progress.

  • Sunrise blue and pink sky over Washington D.C.

    Can Trump ignore the Paris Agreement?

    Can Trump ignore the Paris climate deal and what would happen to the Agreement if the US does withdraw?

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    Karla Hill

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    Elspeth Owens

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