Air Pollution archive

  • coal plant and rusty road sign

    Court challenge as Bulgarian authorities skip pollution test for power plant

    Impacts of burning waste and petrochemicals in Bulgaria’s most polluted towns will remain uncharted.

  • Road, Stuttgart, Germany

    Stuttgart must ban Euro 5 diesel vehicles or face court-imposed fine

    Stuttgart has until the end of August to comply with a court order and come up with an air quality plan that includes a ban on Euro 5 diesel vehicles – or face a 10,000 Euro fine.

  • Two sheep in a field, Wales, UK

    Welsh Government makes last-ditch application to delay air pollution plan

    The Welsh Government has made a last-ditch plea to the High Court for more time to produce an air pollution plan, despite lawyers warning that it risked missing the deadline.

  • German road at sunset

    German Federal Government must build on Environment Minister’s new diesel retrofits proposal

    Germany’s Federal Environment Minister proposes that car manufacturers pay for hardware retrofits on diesel cars to reduce emissions of pollutants and help improve air quality. The Federal government must now build on this momentum.

  • Image shows a road in a forest from above

    Stuttgart diesel restriction unlikely to satisfy court

    Stuttgart has announced it will bring in a citywide ban on older diesel vehicles by the start of 2019 but that is unlikely to satisfy the court which ordered the authorities to take action on air pollution.

  • Image shows trains at Kings Cross station

    UK Road to Zero strategy falls short on air pollution

    The UK Government’s Road to Zero strategy, which sets out how it will support the move to zero tail pipe emissions from road transport, overlooks key opportunities to tackle air pollution

  • big ben houses of parliament sunset

    Second UK clean air bill puts further pressure on government to act

    The UK is still suffering day to day with illegal and harmful levels of air pollution; we need a new Clean Air Act fit for the 21st century.

  • Image shows plant covered buildings in Milan, Italy

    Lombardy stalls on air pollution plan pledge

    A year after the Lombardy authorities, under legal challenge, agreed to produce a new air quality plan for the region, cleaner air is no closer.

  • image shows people walking on the Great Wall of China

    China launches unprecedented judge training for environment cases

    ClientEarth and the Supreme People’s Court in China have this week coordinated an unprecedented training programme for judges on environment cases.

  • shadow over Stuttgart woodland road

    Stuttgart’s shoddy air quality plan prompts court ultimatum

    Stuttgart has two weeks to come up with a suitable air quality plan or will face fines, its regional court has ruled.

  • Aircraft engine

    Dutch government can keep CO2 aviation rules secret – court rules

    A court in Utrecht has ruled that the Dutch Government does not have to publish a report on how environmental standards for aircrafts are drafted.

  • Image shows a plane over mountains

    Serious doubts over legal basis for Heathrow expansion

    UK MPs have voted to back Heathrow expansion but environmental lawyers have expressed serious doubts as to whether it is legally possible under air quality rules.

  • Landscape at sunrise

    Clean air across Europe – a snapshot

    ClientEarth and its partners have taken authorities in several European countries to court over illegal levels of air pollution.

  • Mielec, Poland

    ClientEarth supports Poles in their fight against industrial emissions

    ClientEarth is supporting residents of Mielec, a city in south-eastern Poland, who recently organised some of the largest ever environmental protests in the country.

  • bicycle wheel decor cafe

    Lawyers press for clean air enforcement as region snubs Germany’s highest court

    Environmental lawyers have been forced to pile on further legal pressure as North Rhine-Westphalia’s authorities leave thousands of people to continue breathing illegally dirty air in the city of Dusseldorf.

  • people at sunset, London, UK

    UK government has “missed the point” on air pollution super-inquiry

    Environmental lawyers say the UK government has made soft commitments on MPs’ ‘super-inquiry’ into illegal levels of air pollution.

  • St Paul's Cathedral, London

    Metro mayors call on UK government for clean air action

    Metropolitan mayors across the UK have called on the government for stronger actions to clean up the UK’s illegal levels of air pollution.

  • Image shows cars on a road from above

    Diesel investigation hots up in Germany with Audi arrest

    The chief executive of carmaker Audi has been arrested in Germany by prosecutors probing the diesel emissions scandal. 

  • Image shows VW Beetle car on a beach

    German VW fine means all emissions cheats on the hook

    Car maker Volkswagen has been fined €1bn by German prosecutors for emissions cheating. ClientEarth lawyer Ugo Taddei says this means all emissions cheats are now on the hook

  • Aachen, Germany

    Another defining moment for diesel – second German ban by 2019

    Aachen’s regional court has just ruled that the authorities must put a diesel ban in place by January 2019 to bring illegal levels of pollution in the city down, the result of legal action by Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH) and ClientEarth.

  • Image shows aerial view of London

    London mayor announces expanded pollution charge zone

    London’s mayor has announced the city’s upcoming Ultra Low Emission Zone will be expanded two years after it comes into force

  • image of a line of cars

    UK Government action on emissions test cheats a long time coming

    The UK Government has announced new measures to crack down on car manufacturers that cheat emissions tests. But the measures come only after the EU began legal proceedings against the government for its inaction. 

  • plane on runway

    Heathrow expansion: ‘two major obstacles’

    Reports this morning suggest that Theresa May’s cabinet will back plans for a third runway at Heathrow today. Any plan would face two major obstacles.

  • Hearing in Luxembourg: Cities challenge Commission’s weakening of emission limits

    On 17 May 2018, Paris, Brussels and Madrid presented their oral pleadings at the EU General Court in Luxembourg in their challenge of Commission Regulation 2016/646 regarding emissions from light passenger and commercial vehicles.