The UK Environment Bill is another missed opportunity for clean air: environmental lawyers

Media reaction

30 January 2020

The UK Government is reintroducing the Environment Bill to Parliament today. The Bill aims to tackle the UK’s biggest environmental challenges but misses the mark on clean air.

ClientEarth lawyer Katie Nield said: “There is no legally binding commitment to meet WHO air pollution standards by 2030 in the Bill. Its absence means the government is completely failing people across our country who are breathing harmful and dirty air. Despite warm words and promises to listen to health professionals and worried parents, when it comes to the crunch, they have chosen to let the public down.

“Without ambitious legally binding targets and clear duties to back them up, ministers, local authorities and public bodies will continue to drag their feet on this public health crisis. This is a missed opportunity by the new government to put people first and drive the clean growth that would make the UK a world leader.”

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