ClientEarth welcomes ambitious EU chemicals strategy

Media reaction

14 October 2020

Today, the European Commission adopted the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. The Strategy is the first step towards a zero pollution ambition for a toxic-free environment announced in the European Green Deal.

In response, Dr Apolline Roger, lawyer at environmental law charity ClientEarth, said: “Despite pressure from all sides, including within its own walls, the Commission has put forward a strategy that could truly detoxify production and consumption systems.

“A strategy is a promise to the people of the EU. What matters now is when the Commission will propose the necessary legislative changes to fulfil this promise and whether those changes will be strong enough to deliver on it.

“If the Commission is to keep up this momentum, it must immediately up the pace of restrictions – in particular for dangerous chemicals in consumer products, including persistent substances and those that mimic or block hormones.”

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