I do believe that those who know law should not hide it from but share it with the public. And that we lawyers cannot serve those few that exploit the environment but we have to serve those many who would like to enjoy clean air, clean water, nature and health. This is what access to justice in environmental matters means to me.

Csaba Kiss

Environmental attorney, Justice & Environment

Dr. jur. Csaba Kiss (1970, Hungary) is environmental attorney at the Environmental Management and Law Association (EMLA), Budapest (Hungary). His field of work is environmental legal research and litigation. He studied law at the ELTE University of Budapest and wrote his final thesis at the TU Delft (the Netherlands) in international water law. Later he obtained an environmental lawyer (1998) and an environmental engineer (2000) postgraduate diploma. He is currently director of EMLA. He is a member of the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law, formerly a member of the National Environmental Council of Hungary (2009-2013).

Csaba Kiss is also the Coordinator of the Justice & Environment network of public interest environmental law organisations based in the EU, producing legal analyses, case studies, policy papers and strategic complaints in environmental legal issues in the respective member states.

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Latest from Csaba Kiss

  • The Hungarian Government retreated in a landmark issue

    The new law, which follows a dangerous trend of undermining the independence of judges also seen in Poland, has been postponed “for an indefinite time”.

  • Janus-faced Supreme Court: Two recent rulings impact on Hungary’s environmental case law

    Two judgments handed down by the Hungarian Supreme Court (Kúria) in February will affect environmental cases going forward.

  • sea coast

    What will the new Hungarian law on administrative courts bring for access to justice?

    After much protest from the opposition parties in the Parliament, the Government’s overwhelming majority voted in favor of a new law that will set up separate courts for adjudicating in administrative matters.

  • Hungarian Court rules that lack of information cannot be an obstacle to access to justice

    Hungarian court rules that no one can be deprived of their right to a legal remedy if they had no reasonable way to know about an administrative act.

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