What we do

In 2016, we established our US & Americas office to explore partnerships and share our legal experience and expertise across the Atlantic. Since then, we have expanded our US team to include new local legal and philanthropy expertise.

This team is focused on using our unique climate finance knowledge to help bring the world’s corporate and financial systems into alignment with the Paris climate accord. We work in partnership with other NGOs, and fill a niche not otherwise occupied in the US environmental non-profit community by addressing climate change through the lens of corporate and financial law.

Our team of experts are leveraging corporate and finance law to ensure investors, businesses and regulators use their power in the fight against climate change. We are also working closely with partners to advocate for policies and regulations that can help the US achieve its net zero ambition.

In South America, we are also working with a range of Brazilian and international partners to determine the legal links and potential liabilities associated with deforestation from beef and soy production in the Amazon.

We are also working with partners to advocate for improved due diligence and trade laws between Latin American countries and the EU.