We're protecting the world's second lung.

Forests in Republic of Congo form part of the Congo Basin – the second largest tropical rainforest in the world after the Amazon. The Congo Basin accounts for 70% of Africa’s forest cover and holds huge amounts of carbon.

Strong national laws to preserve forests are an effective way to combat illegal logging and secure communities’ livelihoods.


sq km of forest in the Republic of Congo is home to an expansive ecosystem of plant and animal species. The bulk of it, an area larger than England, is allocated for logging.


of Republic of Congo's population depends on the forest for their livelihood.

What we're doing

Since 2012, ClientEarth has worked in partnership with environmental and human rights Congolese NGOs to help draft a new framework to manage the Republic of Congo’s forest resources more sustainably.

Now we’re working to raise awareness amongst local communities, indigenous peoples and women on their rights to ensure they can actively participate in decision-making that impacts their forest resources and hold duty-holders accountable.

Republic of Congo Law Database

ClientEarth is working with partners to improve access to information for civil society on natural resources and community rights issues in the Republic of Congo. We have developed a database including the main policies and laws applicable to these topics.

The database provides links to PDF versions of these documents. The documents listed on this legal database are not necessarily official documents. They could consequently be outdated or contain mistakes.

The vast forests of the Congo Basin act as the planet’s second lung. So globally, it is hard to overestimate just how important ensuring this wealth of ecological diversity will be in avoiding climate catastrophe.
Gady Inès Mvoukani, ClientEarth Senior In-Country Associate and Comptoir Juridique Junior Programme Coordinator