Press release: 22 February 2022

Nord Stream 2 suspension “only rational option” in face of energy crisis – ClientEarth lawyers

Reacting to the news today that notorious EU gas pipeline Nord Stream 2 has been suspended, Head of ClientEarth’s Germany office Prof. Dr. Hermann Ott said: “Europe is in energy crisis – we need a safe, cost-effective energy supply that isn’t at the mercy of international politics, and to slash carbon emissions. Nord Stream 2 fitted none of these criteria. In terms of Europe’s energy and climate crisis, suspending this pipeline was the only rational option.

“The fight to move beyond coal is proceeding at a rate of knots but we now need to work just as hard to bypass gas, which leaders and investors seem to be turning to as a ‘diet’ alternative to coal.

“This is just not the case. Over a 20-year period, extracting and burning gas is far more climate-intensive than coal and increasing gas infrastructure must be avoided at all costs to avert dangerous climate change impacts.

Head of ClientEarth’s Poland office Zuzanna Rudzinska-Bluszcz said: “We have repeatedly challenged Nord Stream 2 in court to fight the threat of a gas takeover in Europe in the wake of coal. People need affordable, reliable power that doesn’t threaten their health or the planet.

“Until EU countries take the law and the Green Deal seriously and invest in energy citizenship, smart management, retrofit and wind and solar, we won’t stop taking governments and companies to court over gas.”


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