Press release: 24 February 2022

“Market signal” as Enel dumps gas conversions at multiple sites in Italy

ClientEarth lawyers have responded to the reported announcement in Italy that Enel will no longer convert its coal plants in Brindisi, Civitavecchia and La Spezia to burn gas, with the company citing a commitment to “sustainable development” and a lack of need.

Lawyers at ClientEarth, who have long been involved in action against both coal burning and gas conversion at the Federico II plant in Brindisi, have welcomed the news.

Environmental lawyer Bellinda Bartolucci said: “When a leading utility says it is actively avoiding gas, this should send a signal to the market and to political leaders.

“Post-coal, we are not going to see the ‘Gas Age’ – we know too much now about its near-term climate impacts to allow that. Geopolitical and climate realities must prompt a rapid rethink across the EU.

“Fossil fuels are synonymous with injustice. It’s time to build out a renewable, clean and fair power system – the law and the capacity are already there. We just need to see strong political direction and the right financial incentives to make it a reality.”


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