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ClientEarth Communications

5 June 2018

Clean energy
Renewable Energy

Report: More investment needed to secure renewable energy future

This year's REN21Renewables 2018 Global Status Report reveals the transition to renewable energy is possible, but advances so far are uneven across sectors.

Commenting on the report, ClientEarth lawyer Eleni Diamantopoulou said: “The global increase in renewable power generation capacity is extremely encouraging but if you dig a little deeper things aren’t so rosy. Transport, heating and cooling are falling behind and still rely far too heavily on fossil fuels.

“As far as power is concerned, we must think about far more than just generation. We need investment in smart technology which will streamline demand and make our energy consumption far more efficient. We need politicians at all levels to help create an energy market that enables us to break away from the old, cumbersome model to a new, dynamic, responsive energy system that empowers consumers and favours renewable energy.”