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Fisheries Policy | 15th October 2019

The control of the Landing Obligation in Spain
Fisheries Policy
Wildlife & habitats
Fisheries & Seafood

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The control of the Landing Obligation in Spain

ClientEarth has released three reports showing that France, Denmark and Spain have not adequately controlled the application of the ‘landing obligation’ and not punished its violations.

The obligation to land all catches was introduced in 2013 to prevent the wasteful discard of unwanted fish at sea and to push operators to put in place more selective fishing techniques. An estimated 1.7 million tonnes of fish and other marine animals are being thrown back into the sea each year. Reports show that Denmark, France and Spain have neither adopted the necessary control measures nor mechanisms that account for all catches including discards.

To read this report in Spanish, click here.

Click here to view the reports on Denmark and France.

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