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Wildlife & habitats | 23 February 2017

Site Integrity Briefing Series - Seagrass beds
Wildlife & habitats

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Site Integrity Briefing Series - Seagrass beds

ClientEarth, Marine Conservation Society and Seas at Risk have produced a series of briefings designed to help navigate the requirements of the Habitats Directive. These briefings have been designed to help campaigners, environmental organisations and the public to make sure the legal requirements are being followed and the correct protections are in place.

These briefings provide guidance on the meaning of ‘site integrity’, as well as examples of how legal arguments relating to ‘site integrity’ could be deployed for four specific habitats protected by the Directive, to ensure maximum protection and recovery.

Read the rest of the series:

  • Introduction
  • Reefs
  • Estuaries, shallow inlets and bays
  • Sandbanks

When should I use these briefings?

When you know that a habitat in a site protected by the Habitats Directive, and/or the species associated with this habitat, are at risk of being damaged by an activity not directly connected with or necessary for the conservation of the site. The arguments can be used in letters, presentations or during meetings with regulators and/or industry. They will provide useful context to more detailed legal arguments to help stop damaging fishing practices in SACs.