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Climate | 7th September 2021

Navigating Net-Zero: Global Lessons in Climate Law-making
Climate accountability

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Navigating Net-Zero: Global Lessons in Climate Law-making

As global climate action accelerates, a growing number of countries are considering passing national legislation giving effect to their international commitments under the Paris Agreement.

Such laws, known as 'framework climate laws', are potentially critical tools in the fight against climate change, operating as both incentives and accountability mechanisms to ensure that the transition to a low carbon economy is co-ordinated, well planned and takes a long-term perspective.

This report considers six very different framework climate laws from across the globe, collating research of local legal experts from Mexico, France, Finland, the UK, Sweden and Victoria, Australia. It draws conclusions about principles for the design of effective framework climate laws to ensure that legislation works to deliver emissions reductions in line with national net zero targets.

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