What makes ClientEarth one of the best environmental charities in the UK?

At ClientEarth we use the power of the law to protect people and the planet.

We work across the world, with legal actions in over 50 countries, to create system-wide change and build a future in which people and the planet can thrive.

Our groundbreaking legal work holds big polluters to account and drives real change to protect people and the planet. 

Last year alone we launched 30 legal actions and we are currently working on 199 active cases.

These are some of our ground-breaking cases against some of the world's largest companies and governments:

  1. We’re going to court to challenge the proposal of Europe’s largest plastic project

  2. We're taking the UK government to court for the second time over its climate inaction

  3. We've filed a legal complain against food and drink giant Cargill over deforestation and human rights failings in the Amazon and other Brazilian ecosystems

  4. We’ve taken food giant Danone to court over its plastic footprint*  

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How will my donation make a difference?

Together, we can use the power of the law to fight climate change and create a healthier planet for generations to come.   

Your gift will fuel legal challenges, advocacy campaigns, and research initiatives that push for stronger climate policies, hold governments and companies to account, and build a safer future for everyone. 

Make a donation today and join the fight for a greener, healthier planet. 

Here’s why other people have joined one of the best climate change charities in the UK: 

"We like ClientEarth’s international reach and its collaborative, considered approach. For the average cost of a pint of beer a month, we feel our contribution represents value for money and a positive ripple towards a better world and future."   

- Garrick and family, UK   

"I have faith in what they are doing! I believe that they are taking action to hold big corporations accountable for their own actions and in doing so, helping the planet to be healthier and helping humans live happier, better quality lives." 

- Lisa, US 

"I admire and support the lawyers of ClientEarth who have come together to commit their work to their conscience and the generations to come (rather than working for law firms on the side of destructive industries). Keep up the good work, please!"  

- Matthias, Germany 

"I support ClientEarth with a regular gift because I care about the future of people and planet. ClientEarth uses a very powerful tool, the law, to make change. I support many charities but ClientEarth acts in a way many others don't."   

- Barney, UK 

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