We are an environmental charity with a unique approach.

We wield the power of the law to bring about end-to-end systemic change: informing, implementing and enforcing the law, drafting and advising decision-makers on policy, building legal expertise, and ensuring citizens’ access to the laws that defend them.

We believe the law is the most effective lever for climate action. The environmental crisis is too big to be addressed bottom-up. We believe that to deliver change at the rate at which it is needed, there needs to be industry transformation and governments have to be held to account. And to do this you need the law.

Law is a powerful tool that can fundamentally change the way we live in the world. We see our work as pivotal to our shared future.
James Thornton, CEO and Founder
James Thornton, ClientEarth founder

Our impact

In the last decade, we have achieved powerful change. We helped to stop illegal logging of Europe's last ancient forest in Poland. We've taken the UK government to court and won three times over illegal air pollution. We've stopped a generation of new coal power plants in Europe and are closing existing plants down. We supported a group of Torres Strait Islanders to bring a world-first human rights case against the Australian Government for climate inaction. We helped write the EU fisheries law. Now we're working to enforce it - so there will be fish in the sea in the future. We've trained more than 1,500 Chinese judges in environmental law and supported the development of more than 600 environmental courts in China. Since then, over 140,000 legal challenges have been filed, against companies and government departments violating environmental laws.