The EU Timber Regulation implementation and enforcement updates

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) seeks to prevent illegally-harvested timber and timber products from being placed on the EU market. It is implemented in each EU Member State via national legislation (to access, see our map of EUTR Implementing Legislation).

As a result, differences exist in penalty regimes and enforcement practices in each Member State. These differences have a bearing on how the EUTR operates, and mean that the opportunities for EU (and non-EU) civil society to support enforcement differ.

ClientEarth is looking at how the EUTR has been implemented and is being enforced in each country, and has compiled info-briefings on selected Member States.

The info-briefings set out key details of each Member State’s implementing legislation and enforcement approach. They are designed as a first point of reference – not a comprehensive source of information, and will be updated as new information becomes available.

Should you be interested in a specific Member State that is not listed below, please contact us:

These briefings are also available in French | Ces fiches sont disponibles en français

Austrian Flag EUTR enforcement in Austria
Belgian flag EUTR enforcement in Belgium
Danish Flag EUTR enforcement in Denmark
Finnish Flag EUTR enforcement in Finland
French flag EUTR enforcement in France
ce_426 EUTR enforcement in Germany
Italian flag EUTR enforcement in Italy
Dutch flag EUTR enforcement in the Netherlands
Flag of Poland EUTR enforcement in Poland
Romanian flag EUTR enforcement in Romania
UK flag EUTR enforcement in the United Kingdom

These documents are updated as and when we gain access to new information. The information provided in the briefs is correct to the best of our knowledge.

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Ryan McGuire

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