Coldplay supports ClientEarth

ClientEarth is at the forefront of changing the way the planet’s resources are governed. They have a positive and pragmatic approach to environmental issues, improving and enforcing environmental law. Coldplay are proud to support them.

Back in 2008 Producer Brian Eno introduced Coldplay to ClientEarth while they were in London together recording Viva la Vida.

Coldplay were striving to boost environmental engagement and looking for a high impact environmental organisation to support.

ClientEarth founder James met Coldplay’s Creative Director Phil Harvey for lunch.  They hit it off. It was clear ClientEarth’s approach to environmental action was exactly what they were looking for.

Phil, the band’s fifth member- and as Chris Martin calls him: “the wise, handsome, frightening one who tells us what to do”- told them what to do: Coldplay became our first Patrons, while Phil became one of our first board members.

Since then, Coldplay and ClientEarth’s many collaborations have included the band’s project ‘Soil is Life', a video for World Soil Day, and our ‘Playlists for Earth’ campaign, focused on driving environmental action in the music industry.

Coldplay's planet-positive approach has continued. On the Music of the Spheres World Tour they’ve introduced ground-breaking sustainability initiatives, and the band will support environmental and socially conscious causes like ours, with proceeds from the tour.

Coldplay champion us to continue to fight to protect people and planet.

One legal victory can change the system. Enough of them can change the future.

Our planet is changing. Rising carbon emissions are accelerating climate change. Our forests are disappearing. The air we breathe and the oceans we depend on are polluted. Vulnerable plants and animals are under threat.

We believe that to deliver change at the rate at which it is needed, there needs to be industry transformation and governments have to be held to account. And to do this you need the law.

We work across the globe using the power of the law to tackle climate change, defend nature and fight for a toxic-free environment and justice for all.






active cases tackling the most pressing environmental challenges


ambitious vision - a future where people and planet thrive together

Latest from Coldplay x ClientEarth:

Coldplay supports #PlaylistsForEarth

It’s not always easy to start a conversation about the climate crisis, but there has never been a more crucial moment to talk about the global challenges we’re all facing.

Coldplay joined forces with ClientEarth and a whole host of musicians, record labels and festivals to reframe the climate discussion through uniquely curated playlists.