China is dramatically increasing its efforts to tackle pollution, climate change and other environmental challenges and significant progress has already been made.  We are exploring how we can best use our experience and expertise to support and assist citizens, non-profits, the courts and the relevant governmental bodies with the implementation of China’s ambitious new environmental laws.


  • Dimitri de Boer formalises training programme with Supreme People's Court

    New agreement cements greater environmental protection through China’s courts

    ClientEarth has today signed an agreement with China’s Supreme People’s Court which is designed to help the Chinese authorities overcome environmental challenges, like pollution.

  • Dimitri De Boer accepts ClientEArth's NGO registration in China

    ClientEarth gets China NGO registration

    ClientEarth has become one of the first foreign NGOs to receive an official registration in China, demonstrating the contribution it is making to environmental protection  there.

  • ClientEarth organises two-month fellowship for Chinese judges in the United States

    ClientEarth has organised a two-month fellowship in the United States for Chinese judges specialising in environmental law. This is the first such long-term overseas fellowship in environmental law for Chinese judges.

  • Chinese supreme court judges at ClientEarth

    Strengthening Environmental Rule of Law in China: ClientEarth welcomes Chinese Supreme Court Judges

    ClientEarth has organized a nine-person delegation of China Supreme Court judges visiting the UK and Sweden, as part of a wider series of cooperation activities to strengthen environmental rule of law in China.

  • Team

  • Dimitri de Boer, Head of ClientEarth China Programme, Environmental Lawyers ClientEarth

    Dimitri de Boer

  • Hui Chen, Finance Officer, ClientEarth

    Hui Chen

  • Hualei Li, HR & Office Manager, ClientEarth

    Hualei Li

  • Jinmei Liu, Lawyer, China Project, ClientEarth

    Jinmei Liu

  • Liu Mengxing, Senior Translator, China Program, ClientEarth

    Mengxing Liu

  • Dr. Wanlin Wang, Senior Lawyer, ClientEarth

    Wanlin Wang

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