Emma Howard Boyd CBE was appointed Chair of ClientEarth’s Global Board, on 18th April 2024.

Emma brings a wealth of experience to ClientEarth, having worked at the intersection of financial services and climate change, in the UK and internationally, across the NGO, government, and commercial sectors.

Throughout her career, she has worked to drive action to protect the environment and ensure a stable climate; and has also called out those who seek to greenwash or otherwise delay environmental action.

Emma’s career began in the finance sector, initially in corporate finance, and then in fund management, specialising in sustainable investment and corporate governance.

She later served as the Chair of the UK Environment Agency between 2016 and 2022, and currently serves on a number of boards and advisory bodies including as Chair of the London Climate Resilience Review, Chair of the Green Finance Institute, Chair of ClimateArc, a Trustee of the European Climate Foundation, and Vice Chair of Climate Resilience for All. She is also a Global Ambassador for Race to Zero and Race to Resilience.

Tackling climate change and the other environmental crises facing our planet is my life’s work, and I am convinced that ClientEarth’s approach is one of the most effective there is.   Whether it is holding big polluters to account, advocating for the right legislation, or supporting others in using the law, ClientEarth is a positive force for our planet.