Dr Gabrielle Walker has been working for decades on the climate challenge. She founded Valence Solutions, to broker fresh conversations and accelerate corporate action on climate change and works as an advisor at boardroom level with a wide range of global companies. She has presented dozens of TV and radio programmes for the BBC, reporting from all seven continents. She has been Climate Change editor at Nature and Features Editor at New Scientist, and has written very extensively for international newspapers and magazines. Gabrielle is author of four books including co-authoring the bestselling book The Hot Topic, how to avoid global warming while still keeping the lights on, which was described by Al Gore as “a beacon of clarity” and by The Times as “a material gain for the axis of good”. She has a PhD from Cambridge University and has taught at both Cambridge and Princeton Universities.

I have been following ClientEarth since their inception and watched with delight as they grew so quickly from a small start-up into a powerful force for global change. They are pragmatic, focused, committed and immensely effective. I love the way they unerringly find and pull the biggest levers for climate action, wielding their legal powers with both grace and smarts. If a law is bad, they help change it. If a law is needed, they help write it. If a sector is moving too slowly, its leaders can expect sternly worded letters that litigation will surely follow. I hear their name everywhere and their work involves the most creative sticks – and carrots – I have ever seen.  I sleep easier at night thanks to ClientEarth’s endeavours, and am very proud to support their work.